The Other One About Godzilla

Or: How I learned just how much my son loves me. 

So, I’ve already let you know about how my son, who is now 6, came to be introduced to Godzilla.  Since that time, his love for all things monster has only grown.

Most people think that Godzilla is the bad guy.  My son’s narrative is a little different.  Godzilla is the “King of The Monsters” and he is there to protect the planet from all other monsters.  Never mind that Tokyo, New York, Las Vegas, and many other cities usually get destroyed in the process.

“He didn’t mean to do that.  He’s just big.”

Like any good parent, I try to encourage my kids’ interests and find good educational opportunities at the same time.  So, with Godzilla and monsters, that naturally means…comic books.

Found these Series 1 comics (from 1978/79!) for $1 a piece at my local comic shop!

Naturally, he can’t quite read all of the story just yet, but he likes the pictures, and it fosters a love of reading.

Imagine my surprise when, for my birthday, he decided to draw me his own comic book! A gripping tale of loss and redemption with all of you favorite monsters!  I won’t ruin the story, I’ll just let you read it for yourself.

“Godzilla saves Daddy’s birthday!”



It was daddys birthday. When he got there he was happy. But when he got back it was gone


So he called the army. And next he called Godzilla. And the monster steals the cake!


And then he breathed fire on the monster!
and then he gave the cake to Daddy.



Birthday-5close up
Me with my saved birthday cake!  Yay!


Stay tuned, because I know that there will be more on the way.  Any publishers out there want to capitalize on an aspiring 6 year old comic book writer/artist?  Hope you enjoyed the read.  My son definitely tells a better story than I do.



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